LJCPA Trustee Meeting 8/5/2021 Materials & Comments

The LJCPA Trustee meeting videoconference goes live at 5:30pm, so that participants can make sure their video and/or audio are working. The Chair calls the meeting to order at 6pm. Registration is necessary to attend the meeting: please visit https://lajollacpa.org/ljcpa-online-meeting-instructions/ for instructions. If you prefer not to identify yourself, please write to info@lajollacpa.org for instructions how to attend anonymously by phone.

This page contains links to the agenda for the meeting and materials applicants, their representatives, and interested parties submitted in connection with action items. There are no materials (beyond committee minutes) for Consent Agenda items.

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Call to Order

Committee Minutes

Projects & Action Items

Consent Agenda (unless pulled)

  • La Jolla Plaza PDO 7/12: APPROVE, 7-0-0
  • 1627 Kearsarge Rd (688683, Paola/Safdie/Racines) DPR 7/13: CAN, 7-0-1
  • La Jolla Farms Outfall Repair (687244, Shamoun) DPR 7/20: CAN, 6-0-1
  • End of Summer Run (Loper) T&T 7/21: APPROVE, 6-0-0
  • Nautilus Street Beautification (Wilson) T&T 7/21: APPROVE, 6-0-0
  • LJ Shores Dr./Vallecitos Intersection (Emerson) T&T 7/21: APPROVE, 6-0-0
  • Bonair Street Parking (Rasmussen) T&T 7/21: APPROVE, 6-0-0
  • La Jolla Art & Wine Festival (McFarlane) T&T 7/21: APPROVE, 6-0-0
  • La Jolla Concours d’ Elegance (McFarlane) T&T 7/21: APPROVE, 6-0-0

(postponed) Cuvier St Vacation (679621, Williams)

(Process 5) Cuvier Street right-of-way vacation, CDP, and lot-line adjustment located south of Prospect Street, next to the La Jolla Recreational Center (615 Prospect) and The Bishop’s School. The site is located in the LJPD-6 and OP-1-1 Zones, and Coastal (Non-appealable-2) Overlay zone within the La Jolla Community Plan and Council District 1.

DPR 5/11/21: findings CAN be made, 5-0-2; T&T 5/19/21: APPROVE 10-0-0; PDO 4/12/21: APPROVE 10-0-0

Code Compliance (Kane)

There are several additional cases of intentional skirting of DSD permitting requirements and permit conditions in La Jolla beyond those already mentioned in meetings and letters to Trustees. Community members, their representatives and the LJ CPA are clearly having no effect one project at a time. However, a pattern of egregious behavior is harder to ignore. The CPA Trustees will determine how to proceed. Options include informing both City Council and the Mayor about DSD’s inadequacies and petitioning for more Code Compliance resources, changes in administrative processes, codes, etc.

Blueprint SD

Blueprint San Diego is a new approach to community planning that will help meet the City’s housing and climate goals, while providing greater and more inclusive opportunities for public input. This data-driven, citywide framework will allow San Diegans to shape how climate-friendly community development will occur in their neighborhoods. Blueprint San Diego will further the City’s Climate Action Plan goals by encouraging housing and new development where people can walk, bike, or take transit. This approach will provide an equitable framework for future development throughout the City that provides access to opportunity and housing for everyone.

Ad Hoc Monitoring Committee: Angeles Leira, Glen Rasumussen, Dave Ish, Jim Fitzgerald, Joe Terry, Larry Davidson

Parks Master Plan Update (Kane)

ADU Regulations (Kane)

Beach Parking (Kane)

Redistricting (Kane)

Coast Walk (Rasmussen)

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Submitted Comments

1 thought on “LJCPA Trustee Meeting 8/5/2021 Materials & Comments

  1. Victor Krebs

    For the Cuvier Street Vacation item: Proposal for Public Benefits to Rec. Center Expansion

    Bishops should deliver a finished graded pad to the Rec Center as public benefits to support the Rec Center expansion. The scope of work would include:

    1) pay for Civil engineering plans, reports and City fees

    2) Remove existing street and curb/gutters

    3) Grade Cuvier St for new park space – (while grading their classroom parcel)

    4) Install new curb, gutter, street patch work at Prospect St

    5) Utilities – Relocate all utilities as required for the Bishops or Rec Center project

    All construction work can be done by Bishops when doing the site work for their parcel. Bishops is currently processing the civil engineering work and advancing the costs – however the Rec Center is currently required to reimburse Bishops.

    Since Bishops is gaining in $2,000,000 of land for free in the Lot Line adjustment, it is reasonable that they pay for the civil engineering, City fees and site work improvements.

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