The next regular election will be at the March 2020 La Jolla CPA Meeting at La Jolla Rec Center – Polls are open from 3:00 pm to 7:00 pm on March 5, 2020. There will be openings for 7 seats: 6 three-year terms, and 1 two-year term. More information and membership status can be found at lajollacpa.org or by emailing to info@lajollacpa.org.

Election Process

Pursuant to the LJCPA bylaws, the LJCPA Board consists of 18 Trustees elected by the Members of the LJCPA. Trustees serve for a fixed term of 3 years. Every year, 1/3 of the seats are up for election. The election is held on the day of the regular LJCPA March meeting. Vacant seats, due to excessive absences, resignation, or term limits, may be filled at the regular election or filled at a special election called during the year.

Eligibility to Run in This Election

To be eligible to run for a trustee seat for the March 2020 election, candidates must have been eligible by and including the regular February 2020 meeting, must be a Member, and must have attended 3 of the LJCPA’s meetings in the 12-month period preceding the election; that is, March 2019 through February 2020, inclusive.

LJCPA Attendance and Membership list as of the February 2020 meeting (updated 13 Feb 2020). If you believe your entry is incorrect (or missing), please write to info@lajollacpa.org immediately.

The deadline to announce candidacy and be listed on the ballot is the end of the regular February 2020 LJCPA meeting.  Write-in candidates are allowed but must still meet eligibility requirements.


Pursuant to the LJCPA bylaws the election process is as follows:

  • Only Members are allowed to vote (If you have a question regarding your Membership, send an email to info@lajollacpa.org)
  • Proxy voting is not allowed.
  • No electioneering within 90 feet of polls. No materials may be left in the polling room.
  • Must provide a photo ID–no exceptions.
  • Write-in candidates must meet eligibility requirements.

The Election Committee will open the polls at 3:00 pm and close at 7:00 pm. Upon closing the ballots will be counted. The tally will be presented to the President who as soon as practical will certify and announce the results during the LJCPA meeting.

The challenge period once the election results are announced is one (1) week.

The newly elected Trustees will be seated at the start of the next regular LJCPA meeting in order to allow their full participation as a Trustee.

Candidate Forum – LJCPA Meeting, February 2020

Candidates will be allowed up to two minutes to introduce themselves and reasons for running. The forum is optional and not a condition to be a candidate. The end of the LJCPA’s February meeting is the deadline for candidates to announce and be listed on the ballot.

Our elections are run by volunteers, please follow their guidance, and, take a moment to thank them for their service.