Trustees & Officers 2022-23

Pursuant to the bylaws, the LJCPA Board consist of eighteen Trustees elected by the Members of the LJCPA.

Trustees serve 3-year terms, with a cohort of 6 Trustee slots up for election each year on a staggered basis. Trustees may not serve more than 6 consecutive years. In some cases, for example when a slot is filled off-cycle, a Trustee slot becomes vacant before its cohort is up for election. In that case, there generally is a special election to fill the vacant slot, and whoever wins that election serves the remainder of the cohort term.

Annual elections to fill vacant seats are held on the day of the regular March meeting. To be eligible to run for a trustee seat, candidates must be eligible by the regular February meeting, must be a Member, and must have attended 3 of the LJCPA’s meetings in the preceding 12-month period. Send an email or notify one of the seated trustees if you are interested in running and be sure to read the bylaws.

next cohort
Ahern, Patrick3/2020A3/2023
Baracchini, Suzanne (Secretary)3/2022C3/2025
(was Boyden)C3/2025
Brady, Tom3/2022C3/2025
Costello, Mike*12/20163/2022C3/202512/2022
Davidson, Larry (Treasurer)3/2020A3/2023
Fremdling, John3/2022C3/2025
Hostomska, Zuzana3/2021B3/2024
Jackson, Greg* (1st Vice President)3/20193/2020A3/20233/2025
Kane, Diane (President)3/20183/2021B3/2024
Kriedeman, Lisa7/2022B3/20247/2028
Rasmussen, Glen3/2021B3/2024
Rudick, Jodi3/2021B3/2024
Steck, Bob (2nd Vice President)3/2020A3/2023
Terry, Joe3/2022C3/2025
Weiss, Ray3/2020A3/2023
Weissman, Suzanne*3/20183/2020A3/20233/2024
Will, Brian3/2021B3/2024

*Trustee may not be able to serve full term, even if re-elected, due to limitation of 6 years of continuous service. Bylaws allow service beyond 6 continuous years under certain circumstances.

**Year first elected to current seat; Trustee may have served earlier and been re-elected after an interval