Bylaws & Governance

LJCPA Bylaws and other reference material

City Governance

The City Council’s policy is to require each recognized community planning group, as a condition of official recognition by the City of San Diego, to submit a copy of its own operating procedures and responsibilities, otherwise known as “bylaws,” to the City. These bylaws must contain, at a minimum, all the provisions addressed in Council Policy 600-24 and conform to the criteria contained therein. Individual planning groups’ bylaws may utilize options within the standardized bylaws shell and may also expand on provisions in this Policy to better meet the needs of diverse communities. However, all bylaws must remain in conformance with the provisions of this Policy to maintain official recognition by the City. Planning groups are permitted with the approval of the City Council to combine their corporate bylaws and their planning group bylaws.

Planning groups must utilize 600-24 and their adopted bylaws to guide their operations. Further, City staff have prepared Administrative Guidelines. These Guidelines are intended to explain 600-24 minimum standard operating procedures and responsibilities of planning groups. The Administrative Guidelines provide the planning groups with explanations and recommendations for individually adopted bylaws and planning group procedures. Robert’s Rules of Order Newly Revised should be used when this Policy, the Administrative Guidelines, and planning group bylaws do not address an area of concern or interest.

It is also the policy of the City Council that the City shall indemnify, and the City Attorney shall defend, a recognized community planning group or its individual members in accordance with Ordinance No. O-19883 NS entitled “An Ordinance Providing for Legal Representation to and Indemnification of Community Planning Committees Against Claims for Damages,” and any future amendments thereto, as discussed further in Article IX, Section 1.