2024 Trustee Special Election

A special election will be held concluding just before the beginning of the August 2024 LJCPA Trustee Meeting. Voting will be either by mail by a specified date and time (ballots will be sent to Members eligible to vote) or in person, with photo ID, shortly before the meeting.

Candidates must announce themselves before the end of the July LJCPA Trustee meeting. They may submit statements that will be made available online, linked to their names on the list below, and/or they may make brief statements at the July meeting.

To be eligible to run for a trustee seat or vote, individuals must be Members according to the Bylaws as amended 1/4/2024 (see the online list) and must identify themselves as the election clerks may specify.

There is more information on the main Elections page.

Candidates for 2024 Special Election (1 vacancy)

These are the candidates (in the order received). If a candidate submitted a statement (or we have one from an earlier election), you can click the candidate’s name to see it.