Public Parks

Much as the City assigns the local land use advisory role to community planning groups (in La Jolla’s case the Community Planning Association), the City’s Park & Recreation Department assigns the local park and recreation advisory role to a recreation council. While most communities have one, La Jolla has three recreation councils.

Their purpose is to promote the recreation programs in the community through planning, administering, publicizing, coordination, fund raising, and interpretation.

La Jolla’s Recreation Councils

La Jolla Park and Recreation, Inc.
Meetings: 4th Wednesdays, 5:00 pm, La Jolla Rec Center

La Jolla Parks & Beaches, Inc.
Meetings: 4th Mondays, 4:00 pm, La Jolla Rec Center

La Jolla Shores Association

Other No designated local oversight

The actions of recreation councils in achieving their purpose shall be in accordance with the policies of the San Diego Park and Recreation Department and the Park and Recreation Board. See more at Council Policy 700-42 on Recreation Councils

The current configuration of the La Jolla recreation councils changed on or about 2009 when the La Jolla Town Council opted to relinquish their historic role of overview of La Jolla’s shoreline parks and beaches. Concurrently, the members of the town council’s Park and Beaches Subcommittee voted to form a new entity to be called La Jolla Parks and Beaches, Inc., to take on that role. The La Jolla Shores Association opted to keep their historic role overseeing the parks in La Jolla Shores. La Jolla Park & Recreation Inc. decided to consolidate their oversight to just the La Jolla Recreation Center. These changes were supported by the community and approved by the City of San Diego.