2022 Elections

The La Jolla Community Planning Association will have a special election to fill a midyear vacancy and is encouraging anyone eligible to apply. To be eligible to run for a seat, a candidate must be a LJCPA member and have attended three of the group’s meetings in the 12-month period before the election, which will be held by mail in July. There will be a candidates forum during the meeting Thursday, June 2, 2022.

The regular election will be held in connection with the March 2022 La Jolla CPA Meeting. The voting process will be outlined at the February LJCPA Trustee meeting.

Candidates announce themselves before the end of the February LJCPA meeting. They can submit statements that are available online, linked to their names on the list below, and they may make brief statements at the February meeting.

To be eligible to run for a trustee seat for the March 2022 election, candidates must have been eligible by the regular February 2022 meeting, must be Members, and must have attended the required number of LJCPA meetings in the 12-month period preceding the election; that is, March 2021 through February 2022, inclusive.

To vote in the election, Members must have attended at least one LJCPA meeting in the 12 months up to and including the February 2022 meeting, and must identify themselves as the election clerks specify. No one can vote without acceptable identification.

The election committee for 2022 comprises Janie Emerson, Nancy Manno, Donna Aprea, Larry Davidson, David Dunbar, and Kathleen Neil.

There is more information on the main Elections page.

Candidates for 2022 Elections (6 vacancies)

These are the candidates (in the order received). Click on candidates’ names to see their candidate bios and/or statements.