2019 Elections

The 2019 Annual Trustee Election took place on Thursday, March 7, 2019
The list of those elected is on the “Trustees” page
The next regular election will be at the March 2020 LJCPA meeting

2019 Candidates
Fourteen Candidates ran  for the LJCPA 2019 Election.

1. Eamon Callahan

2. Dan Courtney

3. Tony Crisafi

4. Jim Fitzgerald

5. John Fremdling

6. Ted Haas

7. Cindy Hazuka

8. Dave Ish

9. Greg Jackson

10. Nancy Manno

11. Kathleen Neil

12. Glen Rasmussen

13. Michael Costello

Candidate statements are posted as submitted to the LJCPA. The LJCPA takes no responsibility for their content.