LJCPA Trustees 2/4/2021 Materials & Comments


The LJCPA Trustee meeting videoconference goes live at 5:30pm, so that participants can make sure their video and/or audio are working. The Chair calls the meeting to order at 6pm. Registration is necessary to attend the meeting: please visit https://lajollacpa.org/ljcpa-online-meeting-instructions/ for instructions.

This page contains links to the agenda for the meeting and materials applicants, their representatives, and interested parties submitted in connection with action items. There are no materials (beyond committee minutes) for Consent Agenda items.

If you have comments on these or other agenda items, you may submit them using the form at the foot of this page (following the list of recent comments).

Meeting Agenda

  • Agenda: (forthcoming)
  • Treasurer’s report:


Consent Agenda (unless pulled)

  • 9044 La Jolla Shores Ln (667987, Trettin) see DPR 1/12/21
  • 1228 Park Row (619886, Kivel) see DPR 1/12/21
  • 7007 Country Club Dr (508125, Coston) see DPR 1/19/21

Action Items

416 Nautilus

7595 Hillside

La Jolla View Reservoir

Coastal Rail Trail

This project creates a One-Way Cycle Track (Class IV) along both sides of Gilman Drive. The project proposes the following: protected North and South bound one-way cycle track (Class IV), continuous sidewalk along the west side, retains street parking, street lighting, traffic signal modifications, and new signal at La Jolla Village Drive. The project connects in the north to UCSD and the Genesee Avenue Class I Bikeway. The project connects in the south to the existing Class I bikeway under I-5 and SANDAG’s Class I Bikeway along Santa Fe Street.

Presenter Materials

Committee & Public Comments

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