LJCPA Trustee Meeting 5/5/2022 Materials & Comments

The videoconference for the LJCPA meeting goes live around 5:30pm, so that participants can make sure their video and/or audio are working. The Chair calls the meeting to order at 6pm. Registration is necessary to attend the meeting: please visit https://lajollacpa.org/ljcpa-online-meeting-instructions/ for instructions. If you prefer not to identify yourself, please write to info@lajollacpa.org for instructions how to attend anonymously by phone.

This page contains links to the agenda for the meeting and materials applicants, their representatives, and interested parties submitted in connection with action items. There are no materials (beyond committee minutes) for Consent Agenda items.

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Projects & Action Items

  • Barry Lawrence Ruderman Antique Maps, Inc (Sheredy) PDO 4/11: Approve, 10-0-0
  • 7762 Bishops Lane (695347, Safdie/Rabines) DPR 4/12: Can, 6-0-1
  • 8457 Prestwick Dr (696766, Sparks) PRC 4/18: Can, 4-3-0
  • Via Capri Traffic Calming Measures (Zabka) T&T 4/20: Approve, 10-0-0
  • Indian Wedding Baraat (McNicol) T&T 4/20: Approve, 8-1-1
  • Concerts by the Sea/Scripps Park (Zatkin): T&T 4/20: Approve, 9-0-0

735 Nautilus (693284, Podeswik)

(Process 2) Coastal Development Permit to demolish existing single family residence and construct two new, two-story single family residences with basements that will include junior ADU’s within each unit at 735 Nautilus Street. The 0.15-acre site is located in the RM-1-1 Base Zone and Coastal (Non-Appealable) Overlay and Coastal Height Limit Overlay, and Parking Impact Zones within the La Jolla Community Plan and Council District 1.

DPR 3/15: findings CAN be made, 3-2-1

7981 Dorado Court (698729, Perlman)

(Process 2) Coastal Development Permit to remodel the existing house on the first floor and add a new second story ADU with a roof deck over the existing attached garage located at 7981 Dorado Court. The .48-acre site is zoned LJSPD-SF and is within the Coastal (Non-Appealable) Overlay Zone, Coastal Height Limit and Transit Overlay Zones in the La Jolla Community Plan area and Council District 1.

PRC 3/21: findings CAN be made, 7-0-1

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3 thoughts on “LJCPA Trustee Meeting 5/5/2022 Materials & Comments

  1. Kathleen Neil

    I do not see any information on the website or on the May 2022 LJCPA meeting agenda regarding special election of trustee to fill John Shannon’s term limit. Seeking clarification if this seat will remain open until regular March 2023 election.

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