DPR 11/10/20 Materials & Comments

The meeting videoconference will go live at 3:30, and the Chair will call the meeting to order at 4. Registration is necessary to attend the meeting; for instructions please visit https://lajollacpa.org/ljcpa-online-meeting-instructions/

Below are the agenda for the meeting and links to documents applicants, their reps, speakers, and interested parties have submitted in connection with projects or other items.


  • https://lajollacpa.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/201110-DPR-Agenda.pdf

Projects & Items for Review

6715 Neptune (668003, Marengo) FINAL

(Process 3) Amendment to CDP No. 1353913 and SDP to remodel of an existing one-story, 2,638-sf single family residence and construct a 1,846-sf second-story addition with roof deck for a total of 3,867-sf at 6715 Neptune Place. The 0.133 acre site is in the RM-4-10 and RM-1-1 Zones, the Coastal (Appealable) OZ, Coastal Ht. Limit, 1st Public Roadway, Parking Impact, Residential Tandem Parking, Transportation Priority Area within the La Jolla Community Plan Area, and CD 1

Materials from earlier DPR

416 Nautilus (669815, Marengo) FINAL

(Process 2) Coastal Development Permit to convert an existing 263 sf room over a 449 sf detached garage into a Companion Unit at 416 Nautilus St. The project includes adding 104 sf for a Companion Unit totaling 367 sf. The 0.072-acre site contains 2 detached residences on a single lot at 414 and 416 Nautilus Street. The site is in the RM-1-1 Zone, the Coastal (Non-App.-2) Overlay Zone, the Geo Hazard Zone 53, and the Transit Priority area within the La Jolla CPA, and CD 1.

Materials from earlier DPR

305 Bonair (653750, Krencik) FINAL

(Process 2) Coastal Development Permit and Neighborhood Development Permit to construct a new 535 square-foot detached dwelling unit on a lot with an existing 2,100 square-foot, two-story apartment building at 305 Bonair St. The 0.10-acre site is is in the RM-3-7 Zone and the Coastal (Non-Appealable) Overlay Zone within the La Jolla Community Plan area, and Council District 1. Permits required per to Code
Case CE-0500245.

Materials from earlier DPR

1542 Copa de Oro (676181, Morton) PRELIMINARY

(Process 2) Coastal Development Permit for partial demolition, remodel and 784-square-foot ground floor addition to an existing 2,871-square-foot, one-story, single family residence located at 1542 Copa De Oro Drive. The 0.24-acre site is in the RS-1-4 Zone, Coastal (Non-App-1), Coastal Height Limit, and Parking Impact Overlay Zones within the La Jolla Community Plan area. Council District 1.

(postponed) 6657-6663 Tyrian (670265, Marengo) PRELIMINARY

(Process 2) Coastal Development Permit for a proposed 760-square-foot companion unit with deck over an existing detached garage on a site with an existing single-story duplex located at 6657-6663 Tyrian St. The 0.12-acre site is in the RM-1-1 Zone, Coastal Height, Coastal (Non-Appealable Area 2), Transit Area, and Transit Priority Area Overlay Zones within the La Jolla Community Plan Area. Council District 1.

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Submitted Comments

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