DPR 11/9/21 Materials & Comments

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The meeting videoconference will go live around 3:30, and the Chair will call the meeting to order at 4. Registration is necessary to attend the meeting; for instructions please visit https://lajollacpa.org/ljcpa-online-meeting-instructions/

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Below are the agenda for the meeting and links to documents applicants, their reps, speakers, and interested parties have submitted in connection with projects or other items.


  • https://lajollacpa.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/03/211109-DPR-Agenda.pdf

Projects & Items for Review

6208 Avenida Cresta (690811, Lyon) FINAL

(Process 3) Coastal Development Permit to demolish the existing residence and portion of garage to construct a new two story, single-family residence with attached garage, balcony and patio for a total gross square footage of 7,497 at 6208 Avenida Cresta. The 0.20-acre site is in the RS-1-5 zone and Coastal (Appealable Area) Overlay zone within the La Jolla Community Plan and Council District 1.

7768 Prospect Pl (695190, Bonnet) PRELIMINARY

(Process 2) Coastal development for the conversion of an existing 192 square foot non-habitable accessory structure into a new 523 square foot Companion Unit, and the addition of 230 square feet to an existing detached garage, located at 7768 Prospect Place. The 0.17-acre site is in RS-1-7 zone, Coastal (Non-Appealable) overlay zone, CHLOZ overlay within the La Jolla Community Plan area. Council District 1.

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Submitted Comments

  1. Hello Diane, Many parties have contacted Commission staff about this property (6110 Camino de la Costa) , yet to date,…

  2. Bishop’s School Expansion Project – Batting Cage at 7552 /4/6 Draper Avenue, La Jolla We respectfully ask that the proposed…

1 thought on “DPR 11/9/21 Materials & Comments

  1. Charles Key

    I live at 7740 Prospect Place and I STRONGLY oppose this project if it is intended to be used as a rental of any kind. We live in a very exclusive neighborhood and this would only promote additional airbnb’s and rental units not mention the lack of parking. We bought in this area of La Jolla so we would not have to deal with rentals. I do not want our community to become another PB. I have a huge investment and this will hurt my property value as well as the rest of the neighborhood.

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