LJCPA Trustee Meeting 6/3/2021 Materials & Comments

The LJCPA Trustee meeting videoconference goes live at 5:30pm, so that participants can make sure their video and/or audio are working. The Chair calls the meeting to order at 6pm. Registration is necessary to attend the meeting: please visit https://lajollacpa.org/ljcpa-online-meeting-instructions/ for instructions.

This page contains links to the agenda for the meeting and materials applicants, their representatives, and interested parties submitted in connection with action items. There are no materials (beyond committee minutes) for Consent Agenda items.

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Call to Order

Committee Minutes

Projects & Action Items

Consent Agenda (unless pulled)

  • (pulled) Cuvier St Vacation (679621, Williams) DPR 5/11/21: findings CAN be made, 5-0-2; T&T 5/19/21: APPROVE 10-0-0
  • 6309 Hartley Dr (675657, Ragan/Hayer) DPR 5/18/21: findings CAN be made, 7-0-1
  • 6031/6051 Folsom Dr (684563, Temple/Crocker) DPR 5/18/21: findings CAN be made, 7-0-1
  • La Jolla Blvd Pedestrian Safety (Parker) T&T 5/19/21: APPROVE 9-0-0
  • Roundabout by “The Cross” (Issakov) T&T 5/19/21: APPROVE 9-0-0


Proposed housing-related State legislation, especially SB9 (Sen. Atkins, action item)

The Senator has asked that questions be submitted in advance so that her staff may prepare useful responses. To submit a question or comment, enter it in the Comments box at the bottom of this page; questions (but not comments) may also be emailed to info@lajolllcpa.org. To be considered at the meeting, questions must be submitted before 7pm on Monday May 31.

If you wish to speak on this item at the meeting, please make a request in the Chat window. Public speakers will be limited to one minute, with no follow-up questions or comments.

Submitted questions: https://lajollacpa.org/sb9-questions/

Scripps Park Comfort Station

7362 Brodiaea Way (680384, Sammon)
DPR 4/20/21: findings CAN be made, 5-1-1

(Process 2) Substantial Conformance Review in reference to CDP 1367758 & SDP 1466667. Change in plans consisting of removal of proposed driveway and garage at Encelia Dr. Garage is now proposed as a complete underground structure within the approved building envelope.

La Jolla Blvd Pedestrian Safety


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Submitted Comments

2 thoughts on “LJCPA Trustee Meeting 6/3/2021 Materials & Comments

  1. Phil Merten

    Tell the CA Assembly to Vote ‘No’ on SB- 9 and SB-10

    A Zoning Ordinance is a Covenant between Government and the People. Most Zoning Ordinance Covenants have been in effect many decades. People rely on those Covenants when considering the purchase of a property, or the renting of a property, in a single family zoned neighborhood or a multi-family zoned neighborhood. People work for years to save enough to fulfill their dream of owning a home and living in a single family neighborhood, choosing not to live in a multi-family neighborhood.

    The People and the Government rely on each other’s faithful adherence to Zoning Covenants. Changes in Zoning Covenants should only be made by the Government with the consent and a vote of the People. When Government unilaterally changes the purpose and intent of long established Zoning Covenants without the consent of the People, Government loses the trust of the People; and the People are justified in removing Legislators from office.

    CA State law already allows three Dwelling Units (Primary Unit, Junior Unit, Companion Unit) on a Single Family Zoned lot.

    To provide additional housing opportunities one need only look at existing underdeveloped multi-family zoned neighborhoods. There are many in the City of San Diego. Additional housing opportunities can be built in those neighborhoods in accordance with existing Zoning Covenants; without changing or adding more units in Single Family Zones.

    Tell Assemblyman Chris Ward to Vote ‘No’ on SB- 9 and SB-10 at: https://lcmspubcontact.lc.ca.gov/PublicLCMS/ContactPopup.php?district=AD78

  2. Don Thompson

    Question for Sen. Atkins

    (d) A local agency shall require that a rental of any unit created pursuant to this section be for a term longer than 30 days.

    We are curious as to how this will be enforced and not exacerbate what is now an out of control vacation rental situation in the beach area which already takes away housing.

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