DPR 5/19/20 Materials & Comments

The meeting videoconference will go live at 3:30, and the Chair will call the meeting to order at 4. Registration is necessary to attend the meeting: https://gregj.us/2Aq51xO

Here is the agenda for the meeting and a list of the documents applicants, their reps, and interested parties submitted in connection with projects:


Item 1 (Golba, 304-306 Kolmar) Final

Materials from preliminary review: https://lajollacpa.org/dpr-5-12-20-documents/

New or amended materials:

Item 2 (Bellava, 7306 Draper Ave) Final

Materials from preliminary review: https://lajollacpa.org/dpr-5-12-20-documents/

New or amended materials:

Item 3 (Keshavarzi, 7388 Eads) Preliminary

(Process 2) Coastal Development Permit to convert a portion of an existing 2,670 squarefoot, two-story dwelling unit into a two-story, 894 square-foot companion unit at a site located at 7388 Eads Avenue. The 0.11-acre site is in the RM-1-1 Zone and Coastal (Non-Appealable Area) Overlay Zone within the La Jolla Community Plan, and Council District 1.

Item 4 (Sher, Cass/Van Nuys) Preliminary Postponed

(Process 5) Public Right of Way Vacation to vacate a portion of Cass Street and a portion of the alley abutting 990 Van Nuys Street. The 0.117-acre site is in the RS-1-7 Zone within the La Jolla Community Plan area. Council District 1.

Review or Submit Comments

If you submit comments below, please identify the agenda item to which they relate. Once the moderator approves them, comments will be displayed publicly, including the name you provide.

Please be as brief as possible. At a regular meeting, comments would be limited to 2 spoken minutes; that translates to between 200 and 300 written words. Please do not include URLs or links, since they may cause your comment to be flagged as spam. At her or his sole discretion, LJCPA’s moderator will reject comments that are unrelated to agenda items, or that are offensive, ad hominem, or otherwise inappropriate to reasoned discussion of the matters at hand.

Submitted Comments

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