Membership List

As the Membership & Attendance page states, the La Jolla Community Planning Association welcomes the community to our public meetings and encourages expression and discussion of all viewpoints in our open forums.

You do not need to sign in nor be a Member to attend and participate in our public meetings. To become a Member you must attend one (1) meeting AND fill out a membership application. To continue Membership you must attend at least one meeting every year. Voting in an election does not qualify as having attended a meeting. If you believe your attendance had not been recorded, please bring this to the attention of an LJCPA officer. Membership is a requirement for (a) voting on bylaw amendments, (b) voting in trustee elections, and (c) part of the eligibility to run for a trustee seat. Read the Membership Application for the requirements to become a Member.

Here are the current counts by category:

Count (as of 2 Apr 2021)
Voting Member (valid application on file, attended at least one meeting current term)53
Non-Voting Member (valid application on file, has not attended current term)41
Attended Only (no valid application)224
Blank (status pending)3

You can review the membership and attendance list below, or use the “Search” box to look up a particular member. “App Date” is the most recent application on file. “Mem?” shows whether an individual is a member in the current year, “Expires” shows the month in which a current membership expires, and “Mtgs” shows how many meetings a member has attended in the current cycle (which starts with the March election each year). Detail for that last is in the remaining columns (you may need to click on the little green + next to a name to expand the entry and see attendance for the last few months in the year).

Abdaoui, Marouane1/18/21Yes2/28/231Mar
Abramian, NarehNo0
Abrams, Crisara9/6/18Yes2/28/220
Abrams, Dave4/23/14Yes2/28/231Apr
Adams, Kate7/27/20Yes2/28/231Apr
Adams-Marshall, KarenNo0
Aguirre, ClaudiaNo1Mar
Ahern, Patrick2/3/11Yes2/28/232Mar Apr
Alvidrez, RebeccaNo0
Allen, DanNo0
Allen, KeysNo0
Allen, WillisNo0
Andreae, TraceyNo1Mar
Aprea, Donna2/1/07Yes2/28/231Mar
Araiza, ErikaNo0
Armstrong, ValerieNo1Apr
Arnhart, JamesNo0
Asch, JonathanNo0
Baldwin, SusanNo0
Balo, KeliNo0
Bannon, JohnNo0
Bannon, Mrs. JohnNo0
Baracchini, Suzanne2/18/21Yes2/28/232Mar Apr
Baranowski, Claudia12/5/19Yes2/28/232Mar Apr
Baratz, Meredith5/5/20Yes2/28/220
Barnett, Laurielynn2/6/20Yes2/28/220
Baroff, Marina2/1/07Yes2/28/232Mar Apr
Baron, MoisesNo0
Baron, VictoriaNo0
Baross, JimNo0
Barrera, Susan12/7/20Yes2/28/220
Baum, BillNo0
Becker, PaulNo0
Benford, BiancaNo0
Bennett, AliceNo0
Bennett, TripNo0
Benton, PaulNo0
Beringer, MarkNo0
Best, JimNo1Apr
Bitterling, AndreaNo0
Blackmond, Donna7/6/20Yes2/28/220
Borja, AaronNo0
Boyden, Helen2/1/07Yes2/28/232Mar Apr
Bradt, ZaccaryNo0
Brady, Tom2/1/07Yes2/28/232Mar Apr
Briggs, CoryNo0
Bry, Barbara12/9/20Yes2/28/231Apr
Bulusu, RohiniNo1Mar
Burgess, AaronNo0
Buster, MarianNo0
Canan, StacieNo0
Cavaiola, RobertNo1Mar
Cetin, ElifNo0
Chavez, LuisNo0
Cheney, MarineNo1Apr
Chiquete, OctavioNo0
Clarke, AcaciaNo0
Costello, Michael2/1/07Yes2/28/232Mar Apr
Costello, OdileNo0
Coston, KentNo0
Courtney, Dan2/1/07Yes2/28/232Mar Apr
Crisafi, Tony5/1/14Yes2/28/220
Crist, KatieNo0
Davidson, Larry8/2/18Yes2/28/232Mar Apr
Davidson, PattyNo0
Davis, JefferyNo0
Davis, Peggy10/1/09Yes2/28/232Mar Apr
Day, Chris5/12/20Yes2/28/220
De Bartolo, PaulyNo0
DeFranco, DorotheaNo1Mar
Delouri, AnuNo2Mar Apr
Demera, KimberlyNo0
DeRyckere, MichaelNo0
DeVall, EddieNo0
Dicks, Joseph5/11/20Yes2/28/220
Donovan, Delores (Dede)9/11/20Yes2/28/220
Douglass, Angus8/6/15Yes2/28/232Mar Apr
Douglass, Catharine8/6/15Yes2/28/232Mar Apr
DuCharme Conboy, LauraNo0
Duke, HaleyNo1Mar
Dunbar, Barbara2/1/07Yes2/28/232Mar Apr
Dunbar, David3/7/13Yes2/28/231Apr
Dunfee, GordyNo1Apr
Earley, Brian6/5/20Yes2/28/232Mar Apr
Eichar, GretchenNo0
Emerson, Janie8/5/10Yes2/28/232Mar Apr
Emmons, RachelNo0
Estrada, AnsermioNo1Mar
Fait, PeterNo0
Feeney, Sarah11/7/19Yes2/28/220
Fell-Gordon, Margaret4/5/18Yes2/28/220
Fitzgerald, Daisy4/5/18Yes2/28/231Mar
Fitzgerald, James4/5/18Yes2/28/232Mar Apr
Fitzmaurice, WilliamNo1Apr
Fogleman, Sarah9/15/20Yes2/28/220
Forbes, Gail12/5/14Yes2/28/220
Fotsch, Andy5/5/20Yes2/28/220
Frangos, JohnNo0
Freeman, ArleneNo1Mar
Freeman, RichardNo0
Fremdling, John1/3/19Yes2/28/231Apr
Fukumura, Angela9/16/20Yes2/28/220
Gaenzle, Elizabeth6/6/19Yes2/28/220
Garcia, LuisNo0
Gild, Tony3/5/20Yes2/28/220
Gloria, ToddNo0
Gneezy, Mr. AyeletNo0
Goese, DanNo0
Golba, Tim2/1/07Yes2/28/220
Golba, TracyNo0
Gonzales, AlejandraNo0
Gonzales, JessNo1Mar
Goodman, RebeccaNo0
Gordon, CarlNo0
Gordon, David11/5/15Yes2/28/231Mar
Gordon, MathewNo0
Graham, JeffNo1Mar
Granadino, RachelNo1Apr
Greenstein, HowardNo0
Guzman, IsabelaNo0
Haas, Ted12/6/18Yes2/28/220
Hadley, SteveNo2Mar Apr
Hamilton, JulieNo0
Hammond, Tara12/5/19Yes2/28/220
Hamon, KatherynNo0
Hanshaw, AndyNo0
Harper, JeffNo0
Harris, NoahNo0
Harrison, KathleenNo0
Hazelwood, EmilyNo1Apr
Hee, TylerNo0
Heine, MeganNo0
Helper, AlyssaNo2Mar Apr
Hernstad, ColinNo0
Hoffer, AaronNo0
Hood, David11/7/19Yes2/28/220
Hostomska, Zuzana (aka Susan Host)7/7/20Yes2/28/232Mar Apr
Hubbell, DrewNo0
Hunrichs, KenNo1Apr
Hyde, Mary Lynn6/3/20Yes2/28/231Apr
Hyytinen, NeilNo0
Ish, David8/3/17Yes2/28/232Mar Apr
Ish, Mary HelenNo0
Issakov, Serge12/5/20Yes2/28/220
Jackson, Gregory12/6/18Yes2/28/232Mar Apr
Jamason, PaulNo0
Jennings, MarkNo0
Jernigan, NathanNo1Apr
Johnson, AllenNo1Apr
Johnson, SusanNo0
Kane, Diane10/3/13Yes2/28/232Mar Apr
Kaur, LovelinNo0
Kavanagh, JoshNo0
Kay, IsabelleNo0
Kellogg, Desiree3/5/20Yes2/28/220
Kellogg, Fred3/5/20Yes2/28/220
Knox, KimNo0
Koester, Andreas5/6/20Yes2/28/220
Kovitz, Roberta2/6/20Yes2/28/220
Krencik, MarkNo0
Kriedeman, Lisa3/4/21Yes2/28/231Mar
LaCava, Joe2/1/07Yes2/28/231Apr
Lawton, NancyNo1Apr
Lazarides, CatherineNo0
Lazarides, EliasNo0
Lazerow, Herbert2/7/19Yes2/28/220
Lee, KimberlyNo0
Lee, TorreyNo0
Lehnerz, FrankNo0
Leon, KevinNo0
Levitan, CoreyNo0
Lieberman, Susan3/5/20Yes2/28/220
Liem, BenjaminNo0
Liem, JeanneNo0
Lievers, LaurenNo1Mar
Lightner, Sherri3/16/21Yes2/28/231Mar
Lindsay, SteveNo0
Linn, DanielNo0
Lintvedt, KarlNo0
Little, David2/1/07Yes2/28/231Mar
Lo, QuentinNo0
Longenecker, GeoffNo1Apr
Lynch, WilliamNo0
Lyon, Mark11/5/15Yes2/28/220
Mackin-Solomon, AshleyNo2Mar Apr
Magnezi, NevoNo0
Mandel, JacobNo0
Mangano, EmilyNo0
Mangano, Matt6/4/15Yes2/28/232Mar Apr
Manno, Joseph J.2/6/14Yes2/28/231Mar
Manno, Nancy A.2/1/07Yes2/28/232Mar Apr
Manno, PamelaNo0
Manoogian, ScottNo0
Maravillo, SteveNo0
Marengo, Claude-Anthony4/7/11Yes2/28/231Mar
Marengo, Deborah4/4/19Yes2/28/231Mar
Marsden, CarolynNo0
Marsh, BrerNo0
Marsz, AnthonyNo0
Martin, TimNo0
Martin, RickNo0
McGrady, JillNo1Apr
McGrory, JackNo0
McNamara, KrisNo0
McNeil, KentNo0
McPeters, JerryNo0
Merryweather, Melinda2/1/07Yes2/28/232Mar Apr
Merten, Phillip2/1/07Yes2/28/232Mar Apr
Michaelson, Emily FanNo0
Miller, Sally2/1/07Yes2/28/220
Miller, TomNo0
Moore, WillNo0
Morton, Michael2/1/07Yes2/28/232Mar Apr
Mracek, Edward1/9/20Yes2/28/220
Mulvey, PatrickNo0
Mulvey, KirstenNo0
Munk, Mary CoakleyNo0
Murray, ScottNo0
Naegle, Myrna1/6/11Yes2/28/232Mar Apr
Neil, Kathleen2/1/07Yes2/28/232Mar Apr
Neri, JimNo2Mar Apr
Noonan, GregNo0
Nutter, DanNo0
Olten, CarolNo1Apr
Oriqat, Mr. BilalNo0
O'Shea, CiaraNo0
O'Shea, DermotNo0
Oxley, HowardNo1Apr
Oxley, RadineNo1Apr
Pallamary, MichaelNo0
Palmer, AnnaNo0
Pangilinan, MarlonNo2Mar Apr
Park, ThomasNo0
Paver, SeanNo0
Pelkey, MichaelNo0
Peters, JillNo0
Peters, ScottNo0
Peterson, Matt2/1/07Yes2/28/220
Phelps, JenniferNo0
Phung, TungNo0
Pintar, Mary Anne9/24/20Yes2/28/220
Pomeroy, MylesNo0
Pooladdej, JamesNo1Apr
Power, OrvilleNo0
Price, Matthew1/3/19Yes2/28/220
Randall, RobertNo0
Rasmussen, Glen12/4/14Yes2/28/232Mar Apr
Rau, AndreasNo1Apr
Reed, LeslieNo0
Reineman, BenNo0
Reldan, JaneNo0
Remen, AJ11/18/20Yes2/28/220
Reuter, AbbeyNo0
Richards, AnsethNo1Apr
Robbins, William5/6/10Yes2/28/220
Roberts, LauraNo0
Rocks, MelanieNo0
Rosati, AndreaNo1Apr
Rotter, Marie1/7/21Yes2/28/232Mar Apr
Rudick, Jodi3/5/20Yes2/28/232Mar Apr
Ruef, BenjaminNo0
Ruef, JulieNo0
Ruef, ShannonNo0
Sacks, JeffNo0
Saltzman, MillerNo0
Salvagio, PhilNo0
Sanchez, JonathanNo0
Sanshey, TonyNo1Mar
Satep, Ron (?)No0
Schenk, LynnNo0
Schmidt, DonaldNo2Mar Apr
Schmock, JonathanNo0
Schultz, LouisNo0
Schwab, DaveNo0
Sebrechts, ChrisNo0
Sebrechts, EmmaNo0
Sepuka, LeslieNo0
Sette, Suzanne9/10/20Yes2/28/220
Shannon, John2/5/15Yes2/28/231Mar
Sharpe, Deborah1/7/21Yes2/28/220
Sher, CharlesNo0
Sher, MiaNo0
Smith, KerriNo0
Smith, SidneyNo0
Snell, JoyceNo0
Somo, VianNo0
Soriano, MaryNo0
Spencer, ScottNo0
Steck, Bob4/5/12Yes2/28/232Mar Apr
Steinberg, StephanieNo0
Taylor, AJNo1Mar
Thickstun, JohnNo0
Thornburgh, LarryNo0
Valdez, DanielNo0
Van Martin, DebbieNo0
Vujovich, JanjaNo0
Vujovich-LaBarre, MilaNo0
Walsh, LauraNo1Apr
Wampler, Sharon2/5/15Yes2/28/220
Ward, ChrisNo1Mar
Warner, RichardNo0
Weiner, GregoryNo0
Weiss, Ray2/1/07Yes2/28/232Mar Apr
Weissman, Edward11/7/19Yes2/28/231Apr
Weissman, Suzanne4/4/13Yes2/28/232Mar Apr
Wiggins, JonNo1Apr
Whitney, GregNo0
Wichard, ChristineNo0
Will, Brian4/22/14Yes2/28/231Apr
Williams, Brian8/10/20Yes2/28/220
Wilson, NickNo0
Wilson, QuinnNo1Apr
Wilson, TraceNo0
Winter, Patricia1/29/21Yes2/28/220
Witt, EdNo0
Woodbury, DavidNo1Mar
Woods, KatharineNo1Apr
Young, EricNo1Apr
Young, PhillipNo0
Zikas, DanikaNo0

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