Membership List (as of 7 May 2020)

As the Membership & Attendance page states, the La Jolla Community Planning Association welcomes the community to our public meetings and encourages expression and discussion of all viewpoints in our open forums. You do not need to sign in nor be a Member to attend and participate in our public meetings. To become a Member you must attend one (1) meeting AND fill out a membership application. To continue Membership you must attend at least one (1) meeting every year. Voting in an election does not qualify as having attended a meeting. If you believe your attendance had not been recorded please bring evidence to the attention of an LJCPA officer. Membership is a requirement for (a) voting on bylaw amendments, (b) voting in trustee elections, and (c) part of the eligibility to run for a trustee seat. Read the Membership Application for the requirements to become a Member.

You can review the membership list below, or use the “Search” box to look up a particular member. App Date is the most recent application on file. Mem shows whether an individual is a member in the current year, Exp shows the month in which a current membership expires, and Mtgs shows how many meetings a member has attended in the current cycle (which starts with the March election each year); detail for that last is in the remaining columns.

App Date
Abrams, Crisara9/6/18Yes2/28/20221Yes
Abrams, Dave4/23/14Yes2/28/20221Yes
Adams, DebbieNo0
Adams, Kate11/1/18NoLapsed0
Aghdam, SandyNo0
Aguirre, NatalieNo0
Ahern, Patrick2/3/11Yes2/28/20222YesYes
Alcorn, JamesNo0
Algaze, CareyNo0
Allen, Dan1/9/07NoLapsed0
Allman, MichaelNo0
Allison, IreneNo0
Altman, AndreaNo0
Ambrosius, TatianaNo0
Aprea, Donna2/1/07Yes2/28/20223YesYesYes
Arfaa, BejanNo0
Arkwright, JohnNo0
Armstrong, VahruNo0
Armstrong, SamNo0
Arnhart, JamesNo0
Ashley, DarcyNo0
Attiyeh, Richard3/5/09Yes2/28/20210
Atwell, MichaelNo0
Baratz, Meredith5/5/20Yes2/28/20221Yes
Barnett, Laurielynn2/6/20Yes2/28/20210
Baranowski, Claudia12/5/19Yes2/28/20223YesYesYes
Baroff, Marina2/1/07Yes2/28/20210
Barto, Robert L.2/1/07Yes2/28/20210
Bateman, RobertNo0
Beacham, DebbieNo0
Beaver, John12/6/18NoLapsed0
Beckas, SharonNo0
Bennett, TripNo1Yes
Benson, Judy2/1/18Yes2/28/20210
Benton, Paul5/26/11NoLapsed0
Besom, BethNo0
Bingxian, XuNo0
Blake, JuliaNo0
Bliss, StevenNo0
Bon, Louise6/7/18NoLapsed0
Bookstein, EdithNo0
Bookstein, Joseph6/6/19Yes2/28/20210
Borja, AaronNo1Yes
Bourne, David6/6/19Yes2/28/20210
Bouvet, PeggyNo0
Boyden, Helen2/1/07Yes2/28/20223YesYesYes
Bracklow, Jim2/1/07Yes2/28/20210
Brady, Tom2/1/07Yes2/28/20222YesYes
Bramm, Co??No0
Branch, ErenNo0
Branch, WatsonNo0
Brann, RobertNo0
Brintok, Charles?No0
Brown, Charles4/5/18NoLapsed0
Brown, R. LeeNo0
Bry, BarbaraNo1Yes
Buck, Carol1/9/20Yes2/28/20210
Buckley, SheaNo0
Buis, TerryNo0
Callahan, Eamon12/6/18Yes2/28/20210
Callahan, Susie2/7/19Yes2/28/20210
Canan, StacieNo1Yes
Carlon, LilyNo0
Carmichael, LizNo0
Carney, ClintNo0
Carroll, NancyNo0
Carroll, RichNo0
Catile, LindaNo0
Chan, BrianNo0
Chang, Caili 2/1/18NoLapsed0
Chasan, CynthiaNo0
Chen, BobNo0
Chen, Rose9/5/19Yes2/28/20210
Chen, TanyaNo0
Cheney, Marnie12/5/19Yes2/28/20210
Chien, BennyNo0
Clark, RossNo0
Cochrane, CharlesNo0
Cochrane, MonicaNo0
Cohen, AvaleeNo0
Cohen, Harris6/6/19Yes2/28/20210
Cohen, Howard2/7/19Yes2/28/20210
Cohen, Tom4/5/18NoLapsed0
Collins, Bob2/1/07NoLapsed0
Collins, Janet StratfordNo0
Costello, Michael2/1/07Yes2/28/20223YesYesYes
Costello, Odile2/1/07Yes2/28/20210
Courtney, Dan2/1/07Yes2/28/20223YesYesYes
Cramoline, JeffNo0
Crane, HeatherNo0
Cravatt, CeliaNo0
Crisafi, Tony5/1/14Yes2/28/20222YesYes
Curry, BrianNo0
Cutchin, DavidNo0
Darean, LornaNo0
Davidson, Larry8/2/18Yes2/28/20223YesYesYes
Davidson, PattyNo0
Davis, Peggy10/1/09Yes2/28/20222YesYes
Day, Chris5/12/20Yes2/28/20221Yes
DeJong, Hetty7/5/18NoLapsed0
Delouri, AnuNo2YesYes
Demera, KimberlyNo1Yes
Dennis, HalNo0
Dennis, JudyNo0
DeVall, EddieNo1Yes
Dewhurst, Pancho2/1/18NoLapsed0
Dibella, MarkNo0
Dicks, Joseph5/11/20Yes2/28/20221Yes
Didier, PatriciaNo0
Dodd, JoeNo0
Donovan, Dolores1/30/12NoLapsed0
Doring, AlejandroNo0
Douglass, Angus8/6/15Yes2/28/20222YesYes
Douglass, Catharine8/6/15Yes2/28/20222YesYes
DuCharme Conboy, LauraNo0
Dunbar, Barbara2/1/07Yes2/28/20223YesYesYes
Dunbar, David3/7/13Yes2/28/20223YesYesYes
Dynes, AnnNo0
Edwards, BettyNo0
Ellliott, Melissa S.No0
Emerson, Janie8/5/10Yes2/28/20223YesYesYes
Fake, Brenda12/1/16Yes2/28/20210
Farrell, JohnNo0
Farrell, AnneNo0
Farren, JulieNo0
Feeney, Sarah11/7/19Yes2/28/20221Yes
Fell-Gordon, Margaret4/5/18Yes2/28/20221Yes
Fenton, Casey2/1/18Yes2/28/20210
Fenton, Marein3/1/18Yes2/28/20210
Ferguson, RyanNo0
Fermanian, ChrisNo0
Fitzgerald, Daisy4/5/18Yes2/28/20222YesYes
Fitzgerald, James4/5/18Yes2/28/20223YesYesYes
Fleming, AlisonNo0
Flynn, JamieNo0
Flynn, KevinNo0
Fong, GenaviveNo0
Fong, JaimeNo0
Forbes, Gail12/5/14Yes2/28/20221Yes
Fortune, SheilaNo0
Fotsch, Andy5/5/20Yes2/28/20221Yes
Fox, HeathNo0
Frangos, JohnNo2YesYes
Frantz, ScottNo0
Fremdling, John1/3/19Yes2/28/20221Yes
Frebdt, CurtNo0
Freunas, ChrisNo0
Friedler, EdNo0
Friedrichs, MatthewNo0
Fuentes, HaridNo0
Fuller, SallyNo0
Gaenzle, Elizabeth6/6/19Yes2/28/20221Yes
Gantzel, PeterNo0
Gantzel, SariNo0
Garcia, JesusNo0
Gilchrist, Anne2/1/18NoLapsed0
Gilchrist, John2/1/18Yes2/28/20210
Gild, Tony3/5/20Yes2/28/20221Yes
Giuseffi, LouiseNo0
Gloo, StevenNo0
Gloria, ToddNo1Yes
Golba, Tim2/1/07Yes2/28/20210
Gomez, JavierNo0
Gordon, CarlNo1Yes
Gordon, David11/5/15Yes2/28/20223YesYesYes
Gordon, MathewNo2YesYes
Gotfredson, TomNo0
Graham, Fan2/1/18NoLapsed0
Graham, Ronald2/1/18NoLapsed0
Granger, Pat5/3/07Yes2/28/20210
Greatrex, Cindy9/5/13NoLapsed0
Green. ElisabethNo0
Greenhaw, KristalNo0
Griffiths, John11/1/18NoLapsed0
Groce, BarbaraNo0
Grunow, Tom11/1/18Yes2/28/20210
Guillemin, Roger2/2/17NoLapsed0
Haas, Ted12/6/18Yes2/28/20210
Hadley, SteveNo3YesYesYes
Hamilton, JulieNo1Yes
Hammond, Tara12/5/19Yes2/28/20210
Hancock, James P.No0
Harris, BillNo0
Hartsock, DarrellNo0
Hasson, Cristull7/3/08Yes2/28/20210
Hawk, RobNo0
Havadilas, AndreaNo0
Hayes, SusanNo0
Hazelwood, LukeNo0
Hazuka, Cindy10/4/18Yes2/28/20210
Hecker, Julie7/5/18NoLapsed0
Hecker, Larry7/5/18NoLapsed0
Heenan, Warren6/7/18NoLapsed0
Heller, ElliotNo0
Helper, AlyssaNo1Yes
Henegar, LesleyNo0
Heidelberg, EvelynNo0
Heinemann, AnnNo0
Hernandez, TabithaNo0
Hernstad, CarolNo0
Hildebrand, JohnNo0
Hogan, KathleenNo0
Hogan, LarryNo0
Hokeness, PaulNo0
Holguin, DorianNo0
Hood, David11/7/19Yes2/28/20210
Hopkins, AmyNo0
Hourani, RayanNo0
Hubbell, DrewNo1Yes
Hubert, KatieNo0
Hughes, MarkNo0
Hunrichs, KenNo0
Hunrichs, MarieNo0
Huntsman, ScottNo0
Hyde, Mary Lynn9/7/17NoLapsed0
Ish, David8/3/17Yes2/28/20222YesYes
Ish, Mary HelenNo0
Iyengar, KalpanaNo0
Iyengar, Svinath7/6/17NoLapsed0
Jackson, Gregory12/6/18Yes2/28/20223YesYesYes
Jeffery, Kristin8/2/18NoLapsed0
Jernigan, NathanNo0
Jernigan, StephanieNo0
Joes, VictoriaNo0
Johns, SusanNo0
Johnson, Richard4/5/18NoLapsed0
Kane, Diane10/3/13Yes2/28/20223YesYesYes
Kappmeyer, ValorieNo0
Kau, LindaNo0
Kavan, JohnNo0
Kay, Norma11/1/18NoLapsed0
Keethler, John3/5/20Yes2/28/20210
Kellogg, CarolineNo0
Kellogg, Desiree3/5/20Yes2/28/20210
Kellogg, Fred3/5/20No0
Kellogg, IsabellaNo0
Kellogg, WillNo0
Kelman, Keith2/2/17Yes2/28/20210
Kendey, JackNo0
Kent, DonNo0
King, MorganNo0
Knezevic, StankoNo0
Knox, KimNo1Yes
Koester, Andreas5/6/20Yes2/28/20221Yes
Kovitz, Roberta2/6/20Yes2/28/20210
Kriedeman, LisaNo0
Kuang, BenjaminNo0
LaCava, Joe2/1/07Yes2/28/20223YesYesYes
Lazerow, Herbert2/7/19Yes2/28/20210
Lazzan, CharlesNo0
Leek, JohnNo0
Leibowitz, MarkNo0
Lesher, TeresaNo0
Levi, RebeccaNo0
Levitan, CoreyNo1Yes
Leyra, AngelesNo0
Liaghat, HamidNo0
Liaghat, MaryamNo0
Lieberman, Susan3/5/20Yes2/28/20221Yes
Lierg, StevenNo0
Lin, JamesNo0
Linck, NancyNo0
Lindebak, Eric M.No0
Linn, DanielNo0
Little, David2/1/07Yes2/28/20223YesYesYes
Longley, JamesNo0
Lowe, HilaryNo0
Lowry, ColinNo0
Lundberg, TerriNo0
Ly, AmyNo0
Lyon, Mark11/5/15Yes2/28/20210
Lys, Ihor12/6/18Yes2/28/20210
MacDougall, LeanneNo0
Mackin-Solomon, AshleyNo1Yes
Madden, Debra11/6/06Yes2/28/20210
Madgedi, BabakNo0
Madigan, LaurieNo0
Maekin, JainNo0
Maidaa, FerasNo0
Mandelbaum, David7/5/18NoLapsed0
Mandelbaum, JustinNo0
Mangano, EmilyNo1Yes
Mangano, Matt6/4/15Yes2/28/20223YesYesYes
Manno, Joseph J.2/6/14Yes2/28/20221Yes
Manno, Nancy A.2/1/07Yes2/28/20222YesYes
Marengo, Claude-Anthony4/7/11Yes2/28/20210
Marengo, Debra4/4/19Yes2/28/20210
Marouf, RoswitheNo0
Marso, DerekNo0
Martin, TimNo0
Mazzone, MarieNo0
McCoy, HerbNo0
McCoy, LaniNo0
McCue, Robert4/6/17NoLapsed0
McClendon, BetsyNo0
McClendon, ScottNo0
McIntyre, JamesNo0
McKean-Walden, Susan3/1/18NoLapsed0
McLellan, CraigNo0
McLellan, SusanNo0
McNeil, KenNo1Yes
McReynolds, ChristaNo0
Meade, Caroline No0
Meade. RodNo0
Medina, Mauricio1/4/18Yes2/28/20210
Merryweather, Melinda2/1/07Yes2/28/20221Yes
Merten, Phillip2/1/07Yes2/28/20223YesYesYes
Mestyanek, AndrewNo0
Metz, BillNo0
Miller, LeeNo0
Miller, PatNo0
Miller, Ryan12/6/18Yes2/28/20210
Miller, Sally2/1/07Yes2/28/20221Yes
Minick, PhyllisNo0
Minick, StanNo0
Mitchell, Alice10/6/16Yes2/28/20210
Mittermiller, Bee8/2/18NoLapsed0
Mittermiller, James11/1/18NoLapsed0
Monk, Susan2/7/19NoLapsed0
Moore, WillNo1Yes
Moranville, Karen6/7/18Yes2/28/20210
Morris, MarkNo0
Morton, Michael2/1/07Yes2/28/20222YesYes
Mracek, Edward1/9/20Yes2/28/20221Yes
Muller, ZadiaNo0
Munk, Mary CoakleyNo0
Murfey, Russell12/5/19Yes2/28/20210
Murphy, MaureenNo0
Naegle, Myrna1/6/11Yes2/28/20221Yes
Narla, Annapurna2/1/18NoLapsed0
Narla, Durgadas2/1/18NoLapsed0
Navar, VenturaNo0
Navarro, Carlos IINo0
Neil, Kathleen2/1/07Yes2/28/20223YesYesYes
Neils, ChristopherNo0
Neri, JimNo0
Newell-Tate, ChevelleNo0
Newsam, JohnNo0
Nietham…, Andreus1/3/19NoLapsed0
Nietham… , Jennifer1/3/19NoLapsed0
Noble, Bradford6/6/19Yes2/28/20210
Nolan, NancyNo0
Offen, PhilomenaNo0
Orciuoli, ChristinaNo0
Orrino, PatNo0
O'Shea, CiaraNo1Yes
O'Shea, DermotNo1Yes
Ovanessoff, PeterNo0
Pallamary, MichaelNo1Yes
Palmer, AnnaNo0
Palmer, SheilaNo0
Pangilinan, MarlonNo2YesYes
Patey, AlexandraNo0
Patterson, Drex6/6/19Yes2/28/20210
Patterson, Susan6/6/19Yes2/28/20210
Patton, William1/3/19Yes2/28/20210
Peckham, LucasNo0
Pellar, MarshaNo0
Perlimutter(?), RachelNo0
Peters, JillNo0
Peterson, Matt2/1/07Yes2/28/20221Yes
Petterson, Jonathan CodyNo0
Pobiner, MarilynNo0
Pobiner, RonNo0
Poirier, FredericNo0
Poirier, JamesNo0
Polloch, SteveNo0
Popp, TracyNo0
Power, OrvilleNo0
Pradollendo, DenisseNo0
Pretorius, Mark9/7/17NoLapsed0
Price, BrendanNo0
Price, Lena4/5/18NoLapsed0
Price, Matthew1/3/19Yes2/28/20210
Pruett, SueNo0
Pwentos, HaridNo0
Radsan, Kianoosh2/1/18NoLapsed0
Ragsdale, James2/1/07NoLapsed0
Rasmussen, Glen12/4/14Yes2/28/20221Yes
Ravanbach, NazarNo0
Rebual, Colelt?No0
Remen, AJNo1Yes
Renner, NanNo0
Rice, ChristianNo0
Riha, TriciaNo0
Riser, KathiNo0
Ritchie, AnnetteNo0
Robbins, Dolores4/6/17NoLapsed0
Robbins, William5/6/10Yes2/28/20221Yes
Roberts, ChrisNo0
Robin, Jeff11/7/19Yes2/28/20210
Robin, MaribelNo0
Roo, BenNo0
Rosada, LisaNo0
Rosenthal, DeborahNo0
Rossi, StevenNo0
Rudick, Jodi3/5/20Yes2/28/20223YesYesYes
Rusitino, DonNo0
Rushfeldt, Tom12/1/16Yes2/28/20210
Russell, Andrea KaplanNo0
Ryan, LeslieNo0
Saltzman, MillerNo1Yes
Saroushazak, HelenNo0
Scarano, SherylNo0
Schachar, KathyNo0
Scheffler, DianaNo0
Schlageber, AndreaNo0
Schmidt, DonNo0
Schultz, CharlesNo0
Schwartz, NanceeNo0
Scott, RichardNo0
Segal, Bernard INo0
Sessa, MarcoNo0
Shahid, OsmanNo0
Shamain, IkhlassNo0
Shannon, AndrewNo0
Shannon, John2/5/15Yes2/28/20223YesYesYes
Shea, DiannNo0
Shea, PatrickNo0
Shields, NancyNo0
Short, JamesNo0
Sim, MichaelNo0
Simm, AllieNo0
Simon, AllieNo0
Simon, TaniNo0
Sinclaire, Robin6/6/19Yes2/28/20210
Singer, ReinaNo0
Skillman, KoriNo0
Skipper, Christina MarieNo0
Slaven, ChandraNo0
Smith, KerriNo0
Smith, DrewNo0
Smith, Shelley6/6/19Yes2/28/20210
Smith, SusanNo0
Smith, WalterNo0
Soriano, MaryNo0
Spengel, Jean2/1/07Yes2/28/20210
Sprinkle, Anne MarieNo0
Standler, MarkNo0
Starek, GeraldNo0
Steck, Bob4/5/12Yes2/28/20222YesYes
Steck, Tim7/7/16NoLapsed0
Steiner, BobNo0
Steiner, ChristinaNo0
Stennes, RichNo0
Stephenson, MarkNo0
Stern, Mark11/1/18NoLapsed0
Stoneburger, MaryNo0
Storm, BrianNo0
Storm, MichelleNo0
Strum, BillNo0
Strum, DanNo0
Strum, Ethan12/6/18Yes2/28/20210
Strum, FayeNo0
Swaffed, KyleNo0
Sweeney, JerryNo0
Swortwood, LindaNo0
Tate, ChevelleNo0
Teifeu, ThomasNo0
Thompson, CraigNo0
Thornburgh, LarryNo0
Tolomei, RosannaNo0
Treisman, Warren12/6/18NoLapsed0
Turner, RickNo0
Turner, SimonNo0
Usmann, PollyNo0
VanWert, RichardNo0
Villars, LindaNo0
Volker, CameronNo0
Volker, JohnNo0
Vujovich, JinjaNo0
Vujovich-La Barre, Mila4/5/18NoLapsed0
Wallace, JeneeNo0
Wallace, John P.No0
Walsh, Laura12/5/19Yes2/28/20210
Wampler, Sharon2/5/15Yes2/28/20210
Weinberg, PeterNo0
Weiss, Ray2/1/07Yes2/28/20223
Weissman, Edward11/7/19Yes2/28/20210
Weissman, Suzanne4/4/13Yes2/28/20223
Wellman, CarlosNo0
Wiggans, RogerNo0
Will, Brian4/22/14Yes2/28/20221
Williams, ScottNo0
Wilson, TraceNo0
Winter, ChristianNo0
Witt, EdNo1
Wolff, Roberta11/1/18NoLapsed0
Yanchulova, PetiaNo0
Zhou, LilyNo0
Zynda, LawrenceNo0

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