Membership List

As the Membership & Attendance page states, the La Jolla Community Planning Association welcomes the community to our public meetings and encourages expression and discussion of all viewpoints in our open forums.

You do not need to sign in nor be a Member to attend and participate in our public meetings. To become a Member you must attend one meeting AND submit a valid membership application. To continue Membership you must attend at least one meeting every Membership Year (Mar-Feb). Voting in an election does not qualify as having attended a meeting.

If you believe your attendance had not been recorded, please bring this to the attention of an LJCPA officer. Membership is a requirement for (a) voting on bylaw amendments, (b) voting in trustee elections, and (c) part of the eligibility to run for a trustee seat.

Note that this display is a best-efforts assessment of individuals’ status based on initial information provided by those individuals. The Membership Committee may request additional documents or other information to verify an individual’s status, and may then amend an individual’s status based on its review.

Here are the current counts by category (note that “can vote” applies to regular March elections; special election voter eligibility may be different):

Count (as of 2 Dec 2022)
Current Member (application on file, attended 1+ current meetings, can vote)87
Recent Member (application on file, no current attendance, cannot vote)20
Not Member (attended but no valid application, cannot vote)282
Status pending12

You can review the membership and attendance list below, or use the “Search” box to look up a particular member. “App” is the most recent application on file. “Mem” shows whether an individual is a current member, that is, can vote; “Exp” shows the month in which a current membership expires; and “Mtgs” shows how many meetings a member has attended in the current cycle (which starts in March each year). Detail for that last is in the remaining columns (you may need to click on the little green next to a name to expand the entry and see attendance for the last few months in the year).

Abrams, Dave4/2014Yes2/20231Aug
Adams, Debbie0
Adams, Kate7/2020Yes2/20232Mar Dec
Aguirre, Claudia0
Ahern, Patrick2/2011Yes2/202310Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Alpizar, Torry0
Alejandra, Pamela1Aug
Alves, Linda9/2021Yes2/20230
Alvidrez, Rebecca0
Amorao, Andrew0
Anastasi, Sheri1Sep
Andreae, Tracey0
Anissi, Roman1Sep
Aprea, Donna2/2007Yes2/202310Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Archibald, Carol1Mar
Arcillas, Jess0
Armstrong, Valerie0
Arnhart, James0
Asakawa, Larry0
Assaf, Kamal0
Astalos, Ari0
Atkins, Toni0
Austin, Doug1Jul
Baldwin, Susan0
Baracchini, Suzanne2/2021Yes2/20238Mar Apr May Jun Aug Oct Nov Dec
Baranowski, Claudia12/2019Yes2/20234Mar May Jul Dec
Baratz, Meredith5/2020Yes2/20232Oct Dec
Barber, Alana0
Baroff, Marina2/2007Yes2/20235Mar Apr Jun Aug Nov
Barret, Abby0
Berry, Amanda1Oct
Bentley, Scott0
Benton, Paul0
Best, James4/2021Yes2/20230
Boardman, Jane0
Bondurant, Susan1Apr
Booth, Newell0
Boyden, Caroline1Nov
Boyden, Helen2/2007Yes2/20236Mar Apr May Jul Aug Sep
Brady, Thomas2/2007Yes2/202310Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Brenner, Nathan8/2021Yes2/20230
Brinton, Charles1Jul
Britton, Brian2Aug Sep
Broberg, Anne1Nov
Brockman, Jon1Sep
Brown, Mark0
Bry, Barbara12/2020Yes0
Bubbins, Harry1/2022Yes2/20235Mar Apr May Oct Dec
Bulusu, Rohini0
Burgess, Aaron0
Cac, Cherlyn0
Castilla, Valentina1Apr
Cavaiola, Robert0
Cheney, Marine0
Choi, Jong0
Christel, Lynda1Oct
Cook, Tom1Sep
Coombs, Claire0
Corsi, Alexandra0
Costello, Joe1Apr
Costello, Leslie1Apr
Costello, Michael2/2007Yes2/202310Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Courtney, Dan2/2007Yes2/20232Mar Dec
Crampton, Walter1Sep
Crisafi, Anthony5/2014Yes2/20231Apr
Crocker, Andrew0
Cuadra, Jefferson1Apr
Cunningham, Nancy5/2022Yes2/20241May
Dahlberg, Richard1Jul
D'Andrea, Vaneeta10/2022Pend2/20240
Davidoff, Robyn1Mar
Davidson, Bill1Dec
Davidson, Larry8/2018Yes2/20238Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Dec
Davis, Peggy10/2009Yes2/20236Mar May Jul Aug Sep Oct
DeBartolo, Pauly1Dec
DeFranco, Dorothea0
DeFranco, Thomas2/2022Yes2/20241Jul
Delouri, Anu5May Aug Sep Oct Dec
Dennison, Karen0
Diamond, Karina1Apr
Dibble, Shea0
Dicks, Joseph5/2020Yes0
Donovan, Dede9/2020Yes0
Dorvillier, Michael0
Douglass, Angus8/2015Yes2/20234Mar May Oct Nov
Douglass, Catharine8/2015Yes2/20234Mar May Oct Nov
Drogin, Michael0
Duffy, Pamela0
Duke, Haley1Apr
Dulaney, Ashley1Sep
Dunbar, Barbara2/2007Yes2/202310Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Dunbar, David3/2013Yes2/20232Apr Jul
Dunfee, Gordy0
Dunleavy, Kyle0
Earley, Brian6/2020Yes2/20237Mar Apr Jul Aug Sep Oct Dec
Eichar, Gretchen0
Emerson, Janie8/2010Yes2/20239Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Nov Dec
Emerson, Luke0
Emus, Paul1Mar
Estrada, Ansermio1Sep
Evans, Bob0
Everett, David5/2021Yes2/20230
Fake, Brenda1Mar
Fandino, Laura10/2022Pend2/20240
Feeney, Sarah11/2019Yes2/20231Apr
Ferguson, Ryan0
Fitzgerald, Daisy4/2018Yes2/20235Mar Jun Sep Oct Nov
Fitzgerald, Jim4/2018Yes2/202310Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Fitzmaurice, William0
Forbes, Gail12/2014Yes0
Formica, Vito0
Fortune, Sheila0
Fotsch, Andy5/2020Yes2/20231Dec
Freeman, Arlene0
Freeman, Barbara1Dec
Fremdling, John1/2019Yes2/20239Mar Apr May Jun Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Friedlein, Annette0
Galicot, Gregorie1Apr
Gallegos, Anniza1Nov
Garcia, Taryn1Nov
Gascon, Chris1Sep
Gessner, Gerhard1Aug
Getchell, Marcos1Dec
Giacalone, Penny0
Gild, Tony3/2020Yes0
Givot, Danna0
Golba, Tim2/2007Yes2/20233Jul Aug Sep
Gonzales, Jess0
Goodman, Cynthia1Jul
Gordon, David11/2015Yes0
Gotfredson, Peter1Oct
Graham, Jeff0
Granadino, Rachel1Jun
Grandin, Michelle0
Griffith, Matt2Apr Jul
Grove, Brian1Jul
Grunow, Thomas0
Hadley, Steve9Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Oct Nov Dec
Hall, Ken1Sep
Hamerslag, Blake0
Hamilton, Julie0
Hamilton, Katy1May
Handley, Hal0
Hanson, Laurel0
Hanson, Mark0
Harris, Janet0
Harris, Tobias0
Harrison, Johathan0
Hartigan , Rae1Sep
Hawley, Phillip10/2022Yes2/20241Nov
Hazelwood, Emily0
Heller, Fred10/2022Pend2/20240
Helper, Alyssa0
Henegar, Lesley11/2022Yes2/20241Dec
Hinrichs, Carol1Dec
Hixson, Gina0
Hoehne, Volker0
Hoffman, Kurt2Aug Sep
Hood, David1Dec
Hostomska, Zuzana7/2020Yes2/202310Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Hueter, Geoffrey0
Hunrichs, Ken2Jul Aug
Hunrichs, Marie0
Hunter, Lynn3/2022Yes2/20241Mar
Hyde, Mary Lynn6/2020Yes2/20234Jun Aug Sep Oct
Ish, Dave8/2017Yes2/20231Mar
Ison, Pamela0
Issakov, Serge12/2020Yes0
Izabal, Jose1Sep
Jackson, Greg12/2018Yes2/202310Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Jaiclin, Marcus0
Jamason, Paul0
Jaynes, Bob0
Jernigan, Nathan0
Johnson, Allen0
Joiner, Styles0
Jones, Donna0
Kane, Alex11/2021Yes2/20230
Kane, Diane10/2013Yes2/20238Mar Apr Jun Jul Sep Oct Nov Dec
Katz, Spencer6Mar Apr Jun Jul Aug Dec
Keener, Thomas0
Kellogg, Desiree3/2020Yes0
Kellogg, Fred3/2020Yes0
Kent, Rick6/2021Yes2/20231Jul
Kharrati, Hamid1Dec
Kilbourn, Shelly0
Kim, Ron0
Kiran, Ali0
Kivel, Scott0
Knight, Deborah0
Knox, Kim8/2021Yes2/20230
Koester, Andreas5/2020Yes0
Kordasiewicz, Joshua0
Kovitz, Roberta2/2020Yes0
Kramitz, Vic0
Krebs, Victor0
Kriedeman, Lisa3/2021Yes2/20237Mar May Jun Sep Oct Nov Dec
Krishnan, Aler8/2022Pend2/20240
LaCava, Joe2/2007Yes2/20232Apr Sep
LaPierre, Carolynn1Sep
Launer, Morgan0
Lawrence, Max6/2022Pend2/20240
Lawton, Nancy0
Leach, Andrew0
Leon, Kevin1Oct
Lieberman, Susan3/2020Yes0
Lievers, Lauren0
Lightner, Sherri3/2021Yes2/20235Mar Apr May Jun Nov
Little, David2/2007Yes2/20231Mar
Littlemore, Christy0
Littlemore, Drew0
Liu, Marvin0
Loftus, Philip0
Longenecker, Geoff0
Lotzof, Marc0
Lowe, Elyse0
Loya, Rene0
Luce, Jennifer0
Ludlow, Joe0
Lynch, William2/2022Yes2/20240
Mack, Will0
Mackin-Solomon, Ashley10Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Maher, Michael2Aug Sep
Madden, Debra4/2022Yes2/20244Apr Jul Sep Dec
Maloney, Stephanie1May
Mangano, Matt6/2015Yes2/20231Dec
Manno, Joseph2/2014Yes2/20231Mar
Manno, Nancy2/2007Yes2/20233Mar Aug Nov
Marengo, Claude-Anthony4/2011Yes2/20231Nov
Marengo, Deborah4/2019Yes0
Martin, Tim1Aug
Martinez, Ashley1Jul
Mattox, Jane0
Maxton, Seth0
Mayeux, Jessica0
Maynard, Peter0
McArthur, Seonaid0
McCandless, Alexis0
McCandless, Daniel1Jun
McCormack, Mike1Aug
McGarry, E John6/2022Pend2/20240
McGrady, Jill0
McNicol, Reva1Apr
Melbo, Claire0
Menas, Nicholas0
Merryweather, Melinda2/2007Yes2/20232May Dec
Merten, Phil2/2007Yes2/20239Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov
Miller, Bruce0
Miller, Patricia0
Miller, Richard0
Miller, Sally2/2007Yes2/202310Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Mooeni, Angela0
More, Bob0
Moreno, Barbara Cosio0
Moreton, Laura0
Morgan, Jacob9/2022Pend2/20240
Morton, Michael2/2007Yes2/20235Apr May Jun Jul Dec
Moty, David0
Mracek, Edward1/2020Yes0
Munk, Mary0
Naegle, Myrna1/2011Yes0
Neely, Rhonda2Jun Jul
Neil, Kathleen2/2007Yes2/20238Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct
Neri, Jim1Dec
Newsam, John6/2021Yes2/20232Mar Apr
Newsom, Danny0
Nielsen, Chris1Aug
Norden, Kurt1Dec
Nyhan, Montine1Sep
O'Connor, Becky1Sep
O'Connor, Pat1Dec
Olson, Debbie0
Olten, Carol0
Oxley, Howard0
Oxley, Radine0
Pallamary, Michael0
Pangilinan, Marlon3Mar Sep Dec
Paola, Matthew1Mar
Perlman, Ronald1May
Peters, Jill1Jun
Peterson, Matt2/2007Yes0
Petterson, Cody0
Pfeiffer, Phyllis0
Phelps, Jennifer0
Philips, Ruth0
Piatanesi, Emily1Dec
Pierce, John0
Pignataro, Nick0
Pinnola-Vizza, Joseph2/2022Yes2/20241Mar
Pintado, Cristina11/2022Pend2/20240
Pintar, Mary Anne9/2020Yes0
Podeswik, Stosh1May
Podolsky, Eddie1Apr
Pooladdej, James4/2021Yes2/20238Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Dec
Popov, Tania0
Power, Orville1Dec
Price, Matthew1/2019Yes0
Quello, Susan0
Rabines, Ricardo0
Rafaty, Mehdi0
Rasmussen, Glen12/2014Yes2/20238Mar May Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Rau, Andreas0
Reed, Cole4Mar Jun Sep Dec
Reinecke, Angelina1Jun
Reldan, Jane0
Remen, AJ11/2020Yes0
Remi, Raphael8/2022Pend2/20240
Richards, Anseth0
Riha, James1May
Riha, Patricia6/2022Yes2/20243Jul Aug Sep
Robbs, Elaine0
Rocherolle, Durdam0
Rosati, Andrea0
Rotter, Marie1/2021Yes2/20231Dec
Rudick, Jodi3/2020Yes2/20239Mar May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Ruoss, Klemens2Mar Apr
Russell, Andrea5/2022Yes2/20241Jun
Russell, Lynn1Sep
Ryan, Molly0
Safdie, Taal0
Sahagun, Nathalie0
Saltzman, Miller0
Sammon, Roger0
Sampson, Eric1Jul
Sanshey, Tony0
Savage, Patricia0
Schlageter, Andrea0
Schmidt, Don5/2021Yes2/20233Apr May Dec
Secousse, JP1Jul
Seymour, Jennifer0
Shamoun, Ikhlass0
Shannon, John2/2015Yes2/20236Mar Apr May Jun Jul Nov
Sharpe, Deborah1/2021Yes2/20231Mar
Saxena, Shireen1Apr
Shively, Ellen1Mar
Simonelli, Dan0
Simpser, Leo1Apr
Sinclair, Lisa0
Slaven, Chandra1Aug
Smith, Abigail0
Solorio, Bridget1Nov
Sommer, Kelly0
Soriano, Mary1Aug
Spengel, Jean4/2022Yes2/20245Apr Jun Jul Sep Dec
Steck, Bob4/2012Yes2/202310Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Steele, Mark0
Swafford, Kyle0
Sweet, Fred11/2022Pend2/20240
Swenson, Hallie6/2022Yes2/20241Jun
Taylor, AJ0
Temple, Jeannette0
Terry, Joe5/2021Yes2/20238Mar Apr May Jul Aug Sep Nov Dec
Thayer, Thomas0
Thomas, Stosh1Jul
Thompson, Barbara6/2022Yes2/20244Jun Jul Sep Oct
Tierney, Carol6/2022Yes2/20241Jul
Tierney, Roger6/2022Pend2/20240
Tillman, Elena0
Tokuyasu, Taku1Jun
Torres De Stout, Mariela0
Toye, Carol1Mar
Tully, Michael0
Turner, Allen1May
Vercio, Patrick1Apr
Villalon, Rodrigo0
Villano, Vincent6/2022Yes2/20241May
Vines, Michael1May
Viterbi, Alan0
Vivero, Elizabeth Ocampo0
Walden, Susan McKean2/2022Yes2/20241Mar
Walsh, Dan0
Walsh, Laura0
Walter, Alvin0
Wampler, Sharon2/2015Yes2/20232Mar Sep
Ward, Chris0
Ward, Nirvana0
Weiss, Ray2/2007Yes2/20238Mar Apr Jun Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Weissman, Edward11/2019Yes0
Weissman, Suzanne4/2013Yes2/20238Mar Apr May Jul Aug Oct Nov Dec
Welsch, Susan0
Widener, Brian0
Wiese, Andy1Aug
Wiggins, Jon4/2021Yes2/20230
Wilde, Randy0
Will, Brian4/2014Yes2/20238Apr May Jun Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Williams, Brian8/2020Yes2/20234Apr Jun Jul Nov
Wilson, Muiranda1May
Wilson, Quinn0
Wilson, Trace6/2021Yes2/20238Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct
Woodbury, David0
Wood, Joshua0
Woods, Katharine2/2022Yes2/20241Dec
Woodward, Hank2Jun Jul
Yang, Yang7/2022Pend2/20240
York, Rachel1Sep
Young, Eric0
Yuen, Jeffrey1May
Zanelli, Erin1Aug
Zhao, Jay0
Zheng, Cathy0

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