Attendance & Membership

The La Jolla Community Planning Association welcomes the community to our public meetings and encourages expression and discussion of all viewpoints in our open forums.

You do not need to sign in nor be a Member to attend and participate in our public meetings.

To become a Member you must attend one (1) meeting AND fill out a membership application. To continue Membership you must attend at least one (1) meeting every year. Voting in an election does not quality as having attended a meeting. If you believe your attendance had not been recorded please bring evidence to the attention of an LJCPA officer.

Membership is a requirement for (a) voting on bylaw amendments, (b) voting in trustee elections, and (c) part of the eligibility to run for a trustee seat. Read the Membership Application for the requirements to become a Member.

This is the final 2018-2019 attendance list as of February 2019.  Highlighted in yellow are the names of persons who are being dropped from membership due to lack of attendance this past year.  They will not be able to vote in the March 7, 2019 election. To rejoin, individuals must attend a meeting and fill out a new application.

View Purged LJCPAMembershipAttendance thru 2-28-2019 (Updated monthly)

  • Vote for no more than 9 individuals. If you cast more than 10 votes, your ballot will be void; you may vote for fewer than 10 individuals.
  • The 6 individuals with the most votes will be elected for 3-year terms, the next 4 highest vote-getters will fill the vacancies.

Print LJCPA Membership Form
Print, verify you qualify, complete form, and submit at the next meeting of the LJCPA.

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